Project Site: http://evacuspots.evacuteer.org/

The EvacuSpots project is a unique partnership between the Percent For Art Program and the citizen’s volunteer group Evacuteer.org to support New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness [NOHSEP]. The two organizations teamed up to solve one of the City’s emergent needs: to create clearly identifiable and iconic locations marking the exact City Assisted Evacuation [CAE] pick-up points. These are the locations throughout the City where citizens can gather to be transported out of town in the case of a mandatory evacuation. A test of the CAE system in 2008 found that most citizens did not know where to go in their neighborhood to wait for the bus.

To address this problem, in October of 2011, a national RFQ was issued to select an artist to design a public art solution. “Emergency preparedness and public art are things people typically don’t associate. But we do things differently in New Orleans,” says Robert Fogarty, Board President of Evacuteer.org. “Our joyful, quirky, creative city must always be ready for another storm and intersecting art and preparedness actually seemed quite fitting.” Five semi-finalists were chosen by a jury and project advisory panel to create specific proposals for the project. The semi-finalists presented their designs in person at the beginning of February 2012, before the panel selected a winning proposal. Douglas Kornfeld, a sculptor from Cambridge, MA will create seventeen neighborhood pick-up point markers. Kornfeld’s iconic and memorable design achieves the main objective of the project; to promote awareness of the CAE system in a variety of neighborhood settings. “This is an great example of how public art can truly serve our community,” says Mary Len Costa, Interim President/CEO of the Arts Council of New Orleans. “We are proud to see great art and design lead the way in our City’s effort to be ready to support all of our citizens.”











For more about Douglas Kornfeld please visit: www.awaka-inc.com

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